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Dear AAPI Friends:

Last night marked one of the worst nights in American history. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and Grandparents packed the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival concert. Sadly for 50 people thus far it would be the last concert they would attend. Keiko and I would like to send out our prayers and thoughts to the families of the 50+ people who lost their lives and to the 400+ were injured last night. To the citizens of Las Vegas and those who were present last night, we as a country are heartbroken for the loss of so many lives. We also like to share our gratitude for all the braved men and women whom running into the blazing bullets. God bless to the first responders and citizens who stepped up to put their own lives in danger to rescue and save thousands of lives. Most importantly, may God bless and comfort the families and the victims. In the worst of times, we are seeing the best of human spirits.

Helen Van Etten, Republican National Committeewoman for Kansas
October 2, 2017