AAPI.GOP-AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

(AAPI-Asian American & Pacific Islander)

September 4 Monthly Teleconference Meeting
10p EDT, 9p CDT, 8p MDT, 7p PDT, 4p HDT, 12p September 5 ChST


  • Welcome new members
  • July RNC Session in Texas look-back
  • Updates from around country with two months left
  • Updates for AAPI Candidates, how can we help
  • Fundraising, Fundraising, Fundraising …
    How to access and maintain donor database, what is cost-effective way to reach donors
  • GOTV
    Campaign experiences; how to motivate voters in AAPI communities and voters in general

Participants (In Alphabetical Order)

Niraj J. Antani, Beth Campbell, Alice Chan, Elisa Chan, Toni Anne Dashiell, Helen Van Etten, Ron Falconi, Young Kim, Willes Lee, Cliff Li, Esther Lu, Anthony Nguyen, Keiko Orrall, Amata Radwagen, Fred Radwagen, Adi Sathi, Mark Tsuneishi, Martha Wong