AAPI.GOP-AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

(AAPI-Asian American & Pacific Islander)

January 2 Monthly Teleconference Meeting 10p EST, 9p CST, 8p MST, 7p PST, 5p HST, 1p Jan 3 ChST


Hor. Dean Tran, newly elected State Senator District Worcester and Middlesex of Massachusetts
Hor. Martha Wong, Former Texas House of Representatives, Houston's District 134

  • Welcome new members
  • Report, RNC Liaison Task Force (“RNCTF”) and January RNC Session
  • Report, Membership Drive Task Force (“MemberTF”)
  • Report, Election Campaign Task Force (“CampaignTF”)
  • Campaign Updates; RPV Advance 2017 regroup;
  • Trump endorsement for Ron DeSantis; Alabama Blues
  • Dean Tran’s win of MA State Senate Seat in a deep blue district
  • Great start of AAPI.GOP (Jul-Dec 2017); 2018 Vision

Election Campaign Task Force (“CampaignTF”)

Purpose: Build best practice, utilize the cutting edge technology with big data, produce measureable campaign results
TF member: Helen, Keiko, Cliff

RNC Liaison Task Force (“RNCTF”)

Purpose: Coordinate with RNC for the common causes, heighten AAPI awareness among RNC members, coordinate routine RNC Conference session
TF Members: Helen, Keiko, ToniAnn, Beth, Shawn, Harmeet,….

Organizations Affiliation Task Force (“AffiliationTF”)

Purpose: Work with and lead AAPI Conservative organizations

Membership Drive Task Force (“MemberTF”)
Purpose: expand the membership among AAPI elected and appointed as well as the non-AAPI champion leaders, find synergy, build the network, aggregate the political clout for conservative causes
Tasks: reaching out by current members’ referral, membership drive
TF member: Helen, Keiko, Cliff

Participants (In Alphabetical Order)

Beth Campbell, David Cohen, Toni Anne Dashiell, Edwin Duterte, Helen Van Etten, Ron Falconi, Tony Hwang, Jean Kingston, Peter Kuo, Philip Liang, Cliff Zhonggang Li, Keiko Orrall, Adi Sathi, Oliver Tan, Dean Tran, Steve Wang, Martha Wong, Benming Zhang