AAPI.GOP-AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

(AAPI-Asian American & Pacific Islander)

November 8 Monthly Teleconference Meeting
Postponed to November 8 10p EST, 9p CST, 8p MST, 7p PST, 5p HST, 1p Nov 9 ChST, instead of 7th.


  • Welcome new members
  • Look back on VA, NJ, WA elections on 11/7
  • Discuss Membership Drive Task Force (“MemberTF”), Goal and to-do
  • Discuss Election Campaign Task Force (“CampaignTF”), 2018 election season, and technology
  • Discuss RNC Liaison Task Force (“RNCTF”) and January RNC session
  • Discuss Organization Affiliation Task Force

Election Campaign Task Force (“CampaignTF”)

Purpose: Build best practice, utilize the cutting edge technology with big data, produce measureable campaign results
TF member: Helen, Keiko, Cliff

RNC Liaison Task Force (“RNCTF”)

Purpose: Coordinate with RNC for the common causes, heighten AAPI awareness among RNC members, coordinate routine RNC Conference session
TF Members: Helen, Keiko, ToniAnn, Beth, Shawn, Harmeet,….

Organizations Affiliation Task Force (“AffiliationTF”)

Purpose: Work with and lead AAPI Conservative organizations

Membership Drive Task Force (“MemberTF”)
Purpose: expand the membership among AAPI elected and appointed as well as the non-AAPI champion leaders, find synergy, build the network, aggregate the political clout for conservative causes
Tasks: reaching out by current members’ referral, membership drive
TF member: Helen, Keiko, Cliff

Participants (In Alphabetical Order)

Lily Bao; Beth Campbell; Elisa Chan; Toni Anne Dashiell; Helen Van Etten; Ron Falconi; Allan Fung; Yining Hou; Cliff Li; Aurora Ogg; Keiko Orrall; Xiao qi Wang; Benming Zhang