AAPI.GOP-AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

(AAPI-Asian American & Pacific Islander)

October 3 Monthly Teleconference Meeting
10p EDT, 9p CDT, 8p MDT, 7p PDT, 4p HDT, noon Oct 4 ChST


  • Welcome new members
  • Who will be on for 2018;
    what’s the demographics in your district; what help
  • What should we do to energize AAPI communities
  • How can the Caucus lead effectively? Best practices
  • Membership Drive

Participants (in alphabetical order)

Beth Campbell; Toni Anne Dashiell; Edwin Duterte; Helen Van Etten; Ron Falconi; Allan Fung; Jean Kingston; George Leing; Cliff Zhonggang Li; Keiko Orrall; Mark Tsuneishi; Benming Zhang