AAPI.GOP-AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus

(AAPI-Asian American & Pacific Islander)


2019 RNC Winter Session – New Mexico
Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa
January 24 4:00-5:30 pm
Roo - Bear B

Participants (in alphabetical order)

Robin Armstrong – TX, Henry Barbour – MS, Janet Beihoffer – MN, Juan Carlos Benitez – Guam, Mark Brody – NC, Beth Campbell – TN, Jennifer Carnahan– MN, Sabina Chang – DC, Jerry Crisostomo – Guam, Toni Anne Dashiell – TX, Harmeet Dhillon – CA, Sarv Dhillon – CA, Jonelle Fulmer – AR, Jeff Hays – CO, Miriam Hellreich– HI, Lee Hoffman – NV, Lynne Hoffman – NV, Jill Homan – DC, Edith Jorge – RNC Strategic Initiatives, Kathleen King – FL, Jonathan Lines– AZ, Ronna McDaniel – RNC Chairwoman, Carolyn McLarty – OK, Ravi Mehta – CA, Chris Metcalfe – Guam, Margaret Metcalfe – Guam, Keiko Orrall – MA, Shirlene Ostrov – HI, Pam Pollard – OK, Amata Radewagen – AS, Shawn Steel – CA, William Sword – AS, Gene Ward – HI, Jason Weingartner – NY



4:00—4:10 pm  



Welcome - Helen Van Etten, NCW- KS
Introduction of Panel and Agenda Overview - Keiko Orrall, NCW-MA
AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus (AAPI.GOP) will lead   the effort to gather AAPI political leaders, community leaders, business   leaders, and opinion leaders together on the conservative side, working with   GOP organizations, promoting conservative values, raising AAPI leaders,   reshaping the political landscape of AAPI communities for the benefit of our   communities and our great nation.


4:10—4:40 pm



Panel Discussion: National Overview - Regional   Updates

Expansion of multicultural and multilingual efforts in the Asian   American community is critical to success in 2020. Asian Americans   comprise 5 percent or more of the voting-eligible population in nine states: Hawaii,   California, Nevada, Washington, New Jersey, New York, Alaska, Maryland, and   Virginia. Battleground states such as Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia have   rapidly growing Asian American populations. 
Shawn Steel –NCM, California
Beth Campbell – NCW, Tennessee

Keiko Orrall – NCW, Massachusetts



4:40—5:00 pm


Breakout session - Discussion   questions for table

·           Why do you think Asian Americans have been   referred to as "forever foreigners" and what are the consequences   of not looking “American” despite being a citizen?

·           What type of AAPI outreach is being done in   your community and your state?

·           What can be done to increase outreach to   AAPI millennial voters?

·           How is the President perceived in AAPI   communities in your state?



5:00—5:20 pm


Reconvene – Large group discussion

Next steps: Action points